“Puppets are a bit of a Trojan Horse. They’re our way in. Once you get the audience hooked, you can tell them all kinds of truths and they’ll go along with you.” — Avenue Q Co-Creator Robert Lopez on MSNBC

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A Brief History Of News Anchors Interviewing Puppets

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TV news has a long and illustrious history of having fictional characters on as guests while pretending they are actually real. Below is a curated selection of some favorite moments.

Kermit’s other half Miss Piggy on NBC’s “Today” talking about her “career”:

Kermit the Frog on CNN’s “The Situation Room” arguing for inter-species relationships:

The infamous ALF interview on “O’Reilly”:

Serious news anchor Erin Burnett interviews puppet presidential candidate Marvin Quasniki:

And, of course, the characters of Avenue Q on MSNBC: