We Will Rock Q

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The cast of Avenue Q’s 2010 off-broadway run respond to the Muppets’ version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” with their own Queen montage.


A Feeling You’re Not On Sesame Street



In the savvy, sassy and eminently likable ”Avenue Q,” which opened last night at the Golden Theater, an idealistic young man stares into the audience and sings, in a voice shiny with hope, ”Something’s coming, something good.”

Feeling some nagging tug of déjà vu? It’s entirely possible. Some 40 years ago, another idealistic young man on another Broadway stage sang exactly the same lyrics, and has continued to do so in innumerable revivals ever since.

But that was Tony, the starry-eyed hero of the breakthrough musical ”West Side Story.” And Tony is not to be confused with Princeton, the starry-eyed hero of ”Avenue Q,” which is a breakthrough musical of a very different stripe. After fervently anticipating the good things of the future, Tony went on to fall deeply and unconditionally in love, kill his girlfriend’s brother and die violently, leaving an exceedingly pretty corpse, all within a matter of days.

— From the original New York Times review